Everything is made on a sheet pan now, including syrup.

It’s as straightforward as sprinkling a pile of cut strawberries and rhubarb with brown sugar and lemon, spreading it on a sheet pan, and putting it in the oven, and that is why we love this syrup so much. Well, that and the fact that the sticky, tart, fruity deliciousness that gets scraped off said sheet pan goes on top of everything from a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a slice of pound cake to freshly griddled Swedish pancakes.

Makes about 2 cups


[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 1 pound strawberries, hulled and quartered
  • 12 ounces rhubarb, trimmed and cut in 1/2-inch pieces
  • 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice plus 2 teaspoons finely grated lemon zest



[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  2. Pile the strawberries, rhubarb, brown sugar, lemon juice, and zest on a large rimmed baking sheet and mix to combine. Spread the mixture in an even layer.
  3. Roast until the rhubarb and strawberries are meltingly tender but still hold their shape and the juice is syrupy, 20 to 25 minutes.
  4. Scrape the chunky syrup into a heat-safe container, getting every last delicious drop off the pan. Keep warm if serving immediately, or cool completely to store.
  5. Store It: The cooled syrup will keep, covered, in the refrigerator for at least 1 week.



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